June 23rd, 2006

ozarque figure

Emotional weather; intermission....

I've been reading your comments this morning -- it took the entire first hour of the two-hour Live Journal slot in my daily schedule to get that done -- and am more impressed than I can say. I'm honored that you've taken the question(s) I've posed seriously; I'm honored that you've spent the time and the energy to write long and eloquent and thoughtful responses.

Now I need to respond in kind, and I can't just dash that off. What I want to do first is go through all the comments and quote items from them -- especially I want to quote the points you're making that seem to me to be crucial to finding answers to the questions. And then I want to respond to each of those points. I can't do that fast.

Oh well.... Leveling: Sure, I could do it fast. One of the things you learn on the way to getting a Ph.D. is how to do that kind of thing phast-and-phony. But I want to do it right, and I can't do that fast. I'll get started, and in the meantime I'll be pleased to read the rest of the things you have to say. That is: I don't want you to stop commenting because your mind's ear [yourall's minds' ears] is/are hearing a complaint melody that's not really there.

If you could hear my words instead of seeing them, you'd hear nothing but pleasure in the wealth of material that you've provided me to work with and pleasure in the anticipation of more of the same.

Now I'm off to start isolating and compiling those crucial points.....