May 21st, 2006

ozarque figure

Personal note....

Starting today, my life revolves around intensive packing, art-show prepping, gardening, housecleaning, houseplant-tending, dog-bathing, dog-belongings-and-meals-packing, dog-kenneling, and a thousand miscellaneous things that have to be done before we leave for WisCon in mid-week. Then when we get back I'll find that -- by some Mysterious But Inescapable Law Of The Universe -- for each day I've been away, three days of work has accumulated. It's all worth it, many times over; I'm looking forward to the trip, and this year's WisCon is not only going to be spectacularly wonderful, it's an honor to be part of it. But it's complicated.

I'm a bit happier about leaving our little dog -- world's most spoiled dog, no contest -- because my husband went to the kennel and negotiated an exception to the rules for her. She has always slept in a dog crate, and she loves that crate; if George isn't in the house, she ordinarily goes into her crate and takes a nap until he appears and the world [as she perceives it] can start again. The kennel has a rule against bringing your dog's crate along, and when we've left Sheba before she's only been allowed to have her bed and bedding with her, not the crate. That's frightening for her -- like sleeping out on the sidewalk would be for me, I suppose -- and she's been very unhappy when we've left her in the past. This time, George went to the kennel and pleaded, and they've agreed to make an exception for her, bless them. This time, in the same way that when George isn't in our house she just naps in her crate, he won't be at the kennel and she'll just nap in her crate. Which is a weight off my shoulders.

I do understand, having had it explained to me by my adult children at considerable length a number of times, that I am "anthropomorphizing" when I worry about Sheba's concerns in this fashion. "MOTHer, don't be ridiculous; she's not a child, she's a DOG!" Yes. Nevertheless, it's a weight off my shoulders, and I will enjoy myself more without that weight.

Getting to the point of this post at last, all of this means that I'm not likely to do much posting from now until.... oh, maybe June 3rd, when I'll be back and will have managed to clear the decks around the house enough that I can at least see the decks. I'll be reading your comments, but probably won't be responding -- not for lack of interest, just lack of time. I'll catch up in June, starting with a WisCon report. I'm on one panel about Klingon versus LAadan, and one about attitudes in feminism toward the role of Parent (sorry, that's as clear as I can make it), and there's much other stuff on the schedule ... it will be interesting. For sure.