May 15th, 2006

ozarque figure

Sf-poetry-being-made, round 2; progress notes....

1. There seems to be a solid consensus judgment against calling the restaurant in the poem "Chez Bling"; clearly, that has to go. The question is whether to replace it with a new fictional restaurant name or to do something generic -- like:

That was the week:
when the cheapest bottle on the water list
at any decent restaurant
was twenty-four dollars and forty-seven cents

2. There also seems to me to be a consensus against the section in square brackets --

[Water flows, still,
and always will,
thanks to the Standard Water Corporation.
Water flows,
authorized water,
meeting the most rigorous standards,
to Earth's population.]

-- but with the caveat that the information in that chunk needs to be worked in somewhere else, in a less In Your Face fashion.

3. I'd be interested in your thoughts about how a poem of this kind -- when completed -- could be published (other than in LJ) in terms of making certain that everyone involved in writing and revising it gets proper credit. There's no poetry collective here; there's no group name available; and most people are using LJ names instead of their actual names. It's more like a poem-wiki .... except that people can't just step in and edit lines at will as they could for a poem-wiki. [Wikipoem? Poemwiki? Hyphens? I'm not sure.] If you have ideas about how this should be handled, I'd welcome them.

4. I'm in the middle of reading Understanding Comics for the umpteenth time, and the more I read it the more I think how terrific it would be if this untitled poem, and the previous one ("Unintended Consequences, Heaven Knows"), were done as comics instead of just with words. More challenging in some ways, but easier in others because so much more information can be put into a picture without triggering that "Yech.... infodump!" reaction in the audience. [Is there an emoticon for "feeling wistful as I type this"?]

5. Eventually, we'll need a title...
ozarque figure

Religious language; brief note on the Gospel of Judas...

One of the topics that has been requested here for discussion -- and has been on hold for quite a while -- is the Gospel of Judas, recently published by the National Geographic.

[For a typical overview article, without one of those intricate registration processes for access, see .]

I've been putting off that discussion, and not just because I'm busy trying to get ready for WisCon (and the trip to WisCon) next week. My problem is that although I've read the English translation, and have read what seems like an endless sequence of articles and commentaries, nothing that I've come across so far gets me past my initial reaction -- which was that this gospel has been horrendously over-hyped.

I keep reading, hoping I'll find something that seems to me to justify the hype. So far, without success. However, I'm not a theologian; perhaps I just don't know where to look. If you have suggestions for links to materials that you would recommend as significant, I'll be glad to go read them.