May 8th, 2006

ozarque figure

Linguistics; constructed languages; LAadan problem; afternote....

Many thanks for all your comments and suggestions about how to deal with the various analyses of the LAadan tone(s). Thanks also, to all of you and to Laura Quilter, for advice on how to handle the Wikipedia posting.

I've managed this morning to set up an account at Wikipedia, and to add my "Lesson One" in the language to the external links. (I've managed to do it incorrectly, as could have been predicted, but at least the link works, and I assume someone will find my error irritating enough to be motivated to fix it for me.)

Once I've had time to study the "editing help" section at Wikipedia, and have worked out a wording for my post about the tone(s) that I'm reasonably confident won't just create confusion, I'll try to get this taken care of.

I'm grateful for your help.