March 18th, 2006

ozarque figure

Link; at George Lakoff's Rockridge Institute....

George Lakoff's Rockridge Institute is preparing for publication an item called The Rockridge Manual for Progressives, with the first installment coming out soon. For a roughly one-page description of the manual, go to ; you'll find the following five headings:

"The Rockridge Manual for Progressives will make progressive values common sense."
"The Rockridge Manual for Progressives is designed to undergird a movement-wide conversation..."
"The Rockridge Manual for Progressives will guide progressives in reframing public debate."
"The Rockridge Manual for Progressives will be an innovative contribution to the movement..."
"The Rockridge Manual for Progressives will be current, relevant, and responsive."

I am now going to say something sarcastic; I don't know the emoticon for that:
Well, that should certainly bring the people out into the streets with their hearts aflame!

An excerpt (on "values") is available at .

And for those of you who, like me, tried to participate in the 2005 online "Spiritual Progressives" conference, there's a link to the 14-page pdf report on that conference at .