March 1st, 2006

ozarque figure

Linguistics; medical language; Incantation morphology

Quick Medical Incantation Kit

Where Is It?

inside -- endo, eso, intra
outside -- ecto, exo
on, above, over -- epi, supra
under, below -- infra, sub
between -- inter
beside, around -- para
behind -- retro
away from -- ab
near -- ad
through, across -- dia
beyond -- meta
with, together -- syn, sym, syl, sys
against, anti, contra

What's Wrong With It?

It hurts -- algia, dynia
It's inflamed and/or infected -- itis
It's got a tumor or swelling -- oma
It's hardening -- scler
It's bleeding, or pouring out -- rhage, rhagia, rhea
It's growing, maybe too much -- plasia
It's developing wrong -- trophy
It's too [x] -- hyper
It's not [x] enough -- hypo
It's not [x] at all, or it's without [x] -- a, an, in
It's big -- macro, mega
It's small -- micro
It's bad, or wrong -- mal
It's phony -- pseudo
It's fast -- tachy
It's slow -- brady
There's more than one of it ... or a lot of it -- poly, multi
It's double -- ambi, amphi
There's only half of it, or only half is relevant -- hemi
It's changing -- meta
It's red -- erythr
It's white -- alb, leuko, leuco
It's blue -- cya
It's falling or drooping -- ptosis
It's difficult -- dys

What Are They Proposing To Do To It?

Remove it -- ectomy
Look inside it -- oscopy
Make an opening in it -- ostomy
Free it up -- lysis
Fuse it -- desis
Fix it, or sew it up -- pexy
Make it, or reconstruct it -- plasty

Note: This material comes from the chapter in Staying Well With the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense titled "Your Head Bone Connected To Your Thigh Bone," where it's accompanied by a drawing of a generic human being labeled with all the morphemes that identify your parts -- like "mast" for your breasts and "cephal/cranio" for your skull and so on. So, if you want to write a story in which an ET is suffering from multiple hard and painful drooping blue breasts....