January 23rd, 2006

ozarque figure


Seen at http://www.andrewtobias.com this morning....

Karen T.: “I read a book by a professional burglar about protecting your home.  He kept a pack of seven or eight toy poodles.  Cheap to feed, noisy, and impossible to kill all at the same time, so even if the bad guy knocked out one or two, there would still be several to raise the alarm.  And small dogs rouse more easily than big ones – my Maltese and Chihuahua are my detonator dogs, setting off the pack and then retreating.  Another suggestion:  Put a ‘Beware of Snake’ sign on the door.  I used to live way out in the country, and that worked VERY well.  Almost couldn’t get the furnace repair team inside when they saw that on the door.”

This caught my eye and ear for two reasons. (1) I have one Maltese, and she absolutely runs this house; she is a highly skilled People-Whisperer, and she is most emphatically not cheap to feed. I tried to add a second Maltese to the household, and the speed and power with which she shut that project down was awe-inspiring. (2) I once had a friend who kept a rattlesnake in a large basket on his front porch, with a "Warning: Rattlesnake" sign beside the basket, and I can vouch for the idea that that's an effective way to keep people from darkening your door.