January 7th, 2006

ozarque figure

Sample quote from " 'Behaving Badly': A Cognitive Stylistics of the Criminal Mind"

On page 3 of the PDF for Christiana Gregoriou's article, recommended in the preceding post:

"Since language is not independent of the mind but reflects our perceptual and conceptual understanding of experience, then it may be argued that when novelists employ deviant linguistic structures to portray the criminal mind, they are in fact allowing readers access to the criminal's conceptualisation of reality. ... Criminality... is often mystified; it is thought of as unconventional, antisocial, unusual, unexpected and unpredictable. One could argue that crime writers attempt to demystify it; by offering us the poetics of the criminal mind, we are allowed access to the criminal's world or reality, where their crimes are justified and accounted for. Hence, we are, to a certain extent, being put in a position where we understand the criminals, share their conceptual viewpoint and are even forced to sympathise with their behavious and course of actions."

Gregoriou goes on to discuss, briefly, the following metaphors:

Killers Are Spiders
Killers Are Animals
Criminals Are Actors
Crimes Are Games
Criminals Are Machines