December 18th, 2004

ozarque figure

Science fiction; sf carol; "Carol for Rosamond"

"Carol for Rosamond"

[Tune -- "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"]

Oh, there are many planets where the only thing that sings
is the wind across the barren sands that hum like ancient strings;
but even in such wilderness the sands lift up their voice,
and the wind and the wilderland rejoice, they rejoice,
and the wind and the wilderland rejoice.

A spaceship's not a cheery place of festival and glee,
and there are nights when Terra's lights are all we long to see ...
but then around us sounds the blessed music of the spheres,
and our wayfaring sorrow disappears, disappears,
and our wayfaring sorrow disappears.

They used to call them Aliens, those not of Planet Earth;
but every people we have met sings of a holy birth;
and though they praise the Holy One in words we cannot say --
world on world, carols mark a Holy Day, Holy Day,
world on world carols mark a Holy Day.

So rest ye merry, rest ye glad, wherever you may be;
the season of rejoicing's not reserved for you and me;
but through the Universe of Love, see Lovingkindness flow!
Rest ye merry, no matter where you go, where you go,
rest ye merry no matter where you go.